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Dear customer:
As you know that SPAM is a business harming world wide problem, we are not able to protect us from using email adresses directly printed on our public business cards. Spiders and Bots screening day by day millions of websites and grabbing email adresses for SPAM. We use also a high quality SPAM filter on our mail server. This Filter is so agressive that many of the emails would be erased automatically or put in a quarantaine folder. We get araound 3000 SPAM mails per week. Could you imagine what stupid work we have to check the quatantaine folgers day by day to find misplaces emails from customers.

But where darkness is comes light.

From now on you use an encrypted email service. So we apologize for the little inconvenience, but if you follow the rules when you send us a email from this site you can be 100% sure that your message will reach the right person to the right time.

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Please do not store our encrypted email adresses in Outlook or any other Mail- or Newsletter software - Please use the public one instead

If you like to use the same service to protect your own email adresses:
free and professional





mailto   office: +66 (0)76-249505  direct: +66 (0)86-9439834


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