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Stainless Steel Protector
prooved for food processing areas


STAINLESS STEEL PROTECTOR is a completely new combination product. It cleans fast , and touch-free, all metallic and metal-optic surfaces protecting them with a fine, barelyvisible protection layer. This layer reduces annoying fingerprints and protects sensitive surfaces over many weeks and intensifies gloss-building. The cleaning effect extends from lime residues on sinks to grease residues on kitchen stoves. Dirt residues are removed quickly and reliably, without using abrasive additives.

Stainless Steel Protector is free from Sulfate, chloride, nitrate, silicone, and does not contain technical acids and lye’s.

Stainless Steel Protector ensures surfaces against corrosion and has a mild odor. It can be used in food processing areas.

Stainless Steel Protector can be applied to all metallic, metal-optic, enamel or varnished surfaces, for example kitchens, extraction hoods, sink, lifts, escalators, handrails, pusher plates, etc. No surface-scratching (no “spin web” effect on shiny, polished stainless steel). Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area.

Apply STAINLESS STEEL PROTECTOR on a soft, lint-free cloth and simply wipe over the surface to be cleaned. Repeat, if necessary. When the soiling is completely removed, the protection effect starts after approx. 15 minutes (depending on the air humidity), lasting for many weeks. Should new soiling occur afterwards, this can over a long period of time be easily removed with a lint-free cloth.

If the surface to be cleaned is extremely soiled, basic cleaning must be executed before, i.e. heavy grease soiling, thick lime layers and maintenance layers/films from previous cleanings.

For the removal of older maintenance films/layers we recommend using a MICROFIBRE Cloth from the 3M product range.

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mailto     office phone +66 (0)76 - 278038     direct call: +66 (0)86 - 9439834
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