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Nano Metal Lacquer 2K

fassade amatur gfk


TCM Nano lacquer is a Polyethersiloxan-Resin, based upon Nano chemical technology. It is a clear and transparent coating, without any pigmentation which has a remarkable long lasting gloss finish, weather resistance, excellent mechanical properties (it is resistant against “knocks and bumps” and also against mechanical friction) and is also stable against the effects of Ultra Violet rays.

TCM lacquer has “easy-to-clean” properties (it is self-cleaning – similar to the “lotus effect” to be found in nature). Perspiration and blood leave no surface marking and the coating has also anti graffiti properties. It offers protection against the action of acid and alkaline “attacks” and furthermore is water repellent and resistant to solvents. Used on aluminum components and surfaces, (untreated and also treated), it offers and excellent protection against corrosion. It cannot be painted over using other paints or coating owing to it’s own anti graffiti properties. – However, areas which may become damaged by outside influences may be easily be repaired, when the base material/surface is treated (roughed-up) with sandpaper.


General Applications:

TCM Nano lacquer is the ideal coating for Glass Fiber constructions, Polymaths, ABS, Hardwoods, Aluminum, Stainless-Steel, Brass, Copper, Magnesium and for Ceramics/Porcelain. Surfaces already coated with conventional coatings may be “freshened-up” and sealed with a long lasting protective coat of Nano lacquer.

The Nano lackquer is tropical and marine aproved but requires drying times up to 5 days depending on air humidity

Maintenance: The 2K lacquer reduce maintenance on metal to an absolutly minimum. We recommend using a 1:50 mix of water and TCM Metal GFK cleaner from time to time to wash off salt and other residues the lacquer surface.


railing before application
railing 3 month after application
TCM team is reworking stainless balustrade
After coating of stainless railing
furniture stainless
Nano 2K protection of stainless furniture

mailto     office phone +66 (0)76 - 249505    direct call: +66 (0)86 - 9439834

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